our core technologies

LIDAR SLAM Technology

Integral for dynamic path planning, natural navigation, obstacle/collision detection and avoidance. LIDAR SLAM technology enables STROBO’s suite of fully Autonomous Material Handling Equipment to handle routine, repetitive material handling tasks in a fast, safe and efficient manner.

Robotics Management System

ST Engineering’s open and customisable Robotics Management System (RMS) enables seamless integration and central control of multiple STROBO units within the customer’s environment (e.g. warehouse). This makes them capable of natural navigation without the use of any infrastructure by incorporating LIDAR SLAM technology for dynamic path planning, obstacle/collision detection and avoidance. STROBO units are also enabled to operate with cargo lifts and high speed doors to provide inter-building delivery services. With advanced pallet detection and recognition capability, customers can look forward to high throughput with great accuracy and easy integration with existing operations.